About Church Plant International

Beginning: There are many countries, islands, and large cities that do not have a Church of Christ. It was decided we would contact Tom Langley, president of World English Institute, to help in contacting interested people who want to study God’s Word and plant the Lord’s Church in these places.

Purpose: To broaden the Kingdom of God so everyone in the world would have a chance to hear the gospel. We want to repeat Colossians 1:23 where everyone in the world had heard of the saving message of Jesus Christ.

Workers: Bill Stewart had the idea of taking the message of the Gospel to the world. He has been working with the Bear Valley Bible Institute International for over 20 years. However, this is not connected with this great school that trains gospel preachers. Luis Camacho; family man, preacher, writer, broadcaster, and Church Planter. Adam Dollen; family man, preacher, counselor, church planter. Gary Aragon; family man, preacher/teacher, church planter.